Feedback on Psyex:

The relationship between McKessonHBOC and Psyex began in 1998. At that time we had a small team of people including one dedicated and overworked graphics person whose only job was to do the layout for our catalog we published each month, which ran between 100 and 250 pages, and served as a significant revenue stream. Russ McBride said he could build a program that would automatically build that catalog with the touch of a button. Well, since designing a catalog requires layout decisions we didn't think a computer could make, and since we had so many products that had to be handled in so many different ways, we were highly skeptical. The demo Russ showed us absolutely blew us away however! His software not only handled the graphics, it also took care of a host of other problems we didn't realized we had, for example, a paper trail of different versions of information on a product meant that sometimes we'd put the wrong information into the catalog and no one could be sure what the latest version of the info for their product was unless they pestered the graphics designer. Part of the solution included a remotely accessible database that anyone could examine, allowing them to quickly verify the data and easily update it, right up until the last minute. Well, we jumped at a full-scale version of Psyex's solution, which was then developed, and we've never looked back. Each month we just press a button! A smart hard-working team that's always thinking of our best interest. We've come to value Psyex as a great collegue.
--Nancy Chan, Director or the Retail Marketing Group, McKesson Corporation-San Francisco, CA

Mr. Russ McBride,
I would TRULY like to thank you for your detailed/easy to follow installation explanation for PostgreSQL! . . . I stumbled onto your VERY HELPFUL page. A Godsend! I was finally able to recompile PostgreSQL. . . . Again, thank you for your SUPER installation instructions! They were/are a real life/time saver!
--Thomas Weber ‹›

CCP hired Russ McBride to evaluate our FileMakerPro networked database that tracked the flow of every job coming through CCP. In short order he put together a 100+ page report so we could understand the detailed structure of the System and then did a fine job of cleaning it all up and building feature add-ons that allowed us to perfom critical financial anaylses of the business we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. Russ is a very detailed and spirited worker.
--Ed Panconi, Vice President of Color Copy Printing, Burlingame, CA

At philip gittelman productions, inc., we've had the pleasure to leverage both sides of Psyex Consulting's capabilities: outstanding research, and a deep understanding of computer technology (not to mention an intuitive appreciation of when and how to bring the two together). Russ McBride not only understands the technology, he has the knowledge to know how to use it, when to use it and, equally important, when not to use it. Couple that with communications skills, so that it all makes sense. Russ headed up the research efforts for our award winning documentary on the Union Carbide Bhopal disaster. He deftly navigating through reams of legal depositions, internal memos, and media coverage to isolate the material that became the heart of our film. That same ability that enables him to get to the important core of a research effort he uses to quickly identify the technological cruxes and then finds inventive, cost effective solutions. Russ has served and continues to serve as our Chief Technology Advisor, guiding our efforts on our most important projects. For example, he played a critical role in our introduction of streaming video into the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's web site, at a time when only a few understood what "streaming" meant. Summing up: Russ McBride is researcher with few peers, and his knowledge of computer technology is without peer. When you put that together with someone who works extremely well under pressure, knows how to relate to clients, knows how to save money, does not flaunt his outstanding intelligence, and has sense of humor that makes working together fun, you have a very rare person indeed.
--Philip Gittemlan, Founder and Producer/Director of Philip Gittelman Productions, New York, NY

Russ, You Rock! If it was not for you, our project would be looking rather poorly as the due date is the end of next week. Thank you for putting the time aside to work out how to install pg. Time well spent :-)
--Rhys Donaldson, Rob Grundel, Project Team Alpha

Russ McBride and his company, Psyex, have been serving as our virtual IT department for the past three years. He has been enormously helpful in upgrading our systems, strategizing about hardware and software solutions for remote file sharing, installing needed software, etc. If you have a Mac, he can help you. He's also a fun person to have around the office. While we are a tiny operation compared to most of his clients, Russ treats us like the big guys, with first-class service, great professionalism, and foresight about future computing needs. No one likes to have computer problems, but if you need a consultant, you'll be thrilled with Psyex. Besides, very few people in the computer business can talk to you about Hegel, Kant, artificial intelligence, and the mind-body problem. Psyex, however, does it all.
--Nancy Kates, award-winning Director of Their Own Vietnam and American Socrates: The Life of Bayard Rustin

I am really impressed with Psyex's ability to creatively solve our problems here at McKesson corporate headquarters. Working with our in-house IT department hasn't been easy, but the Psyex guys got things done, setting up a customized media asset management system into our big and strictly-controlled server room, and integrating a variety of user's machines from different operating systems. Getting help with a combined Macintosh/Windows network is hard to achieve in this Windows-based company. I'd recommend Psyex to any other large corporation that needs some fancy IT footwork. Psyex customized a non-cookie-cutter solution to my needs in this cookie-cutter-solution corporate world.
--Max Timms, Retail Marketing Manager, McKesson Corporation-San Francisco, CA