What kinds of problems can Psyex solve?


1--A bank is losing customers to progressive attrition, a problem many service organizations face. The bank hires a Psyex research team to do economic modeling in order to categorize customers and determine what traits and transaction habits the most valuable customers possess. A Psyex software development team then isolates those customers in the database through AI-based pattern-matching techniques so that the bank can target them for more aggressive marketing.

2--A Museum needs a completely automated workflow system built on top of an enterprise level database that is fully web accessible. What's more, the system needs to be robust enough for their external web site to be streamlined into that same architecture and utilize that same database. Psyex determines that PostgreSQL offers all the needed features and stability of Oracle with a $100,000 savings as well, very helpful on a non-profit budget. It then uses the fastest web application development environment, WebOjects, to cut development costs and rapidly develop a series of web applications that allows the object to be tracked through the many stages of the object's life. Automated processing occurs, including submission updates to the national library archives. Collections management and object tracking are seamlessly integrated and remote data feeds are handled transparently in XML. No one needs to worry about whether the users are running Macs, some flavor of Unix, or Windows since the solution is platform independent and not based on proprietary APIs, further reducing costs.

3--A producer wants more hands-on control on the quality of the daily footage shot on location in New Guinea, but doesn't have the time to spend 4 months in New Guinea just to look at the dailies so that he can make decisions about the next day's shoot. A web application won't do because he wants to provide comments attached to any part of the footage. Psyex is hired and builds a Java client application that looks like a regular desktop application, with features that allow voice and text comments hooked into any part of the footage, footage played by the Producer as soon as the server is updated every evening after each day's work.

4--A company publishes a large catalog each month that brings in lots of revenue, but is also costing them a lot of money in graphics designer wages. Psyex is hired to build an automated pre-publication solution that uses the same general templates the designers were using, a database system where anyone can now enter the information for the catalog from around the world, and a basic network so that a labor-intensive effort is now reduced to an automatically built Quark document with a push of the button using AppleScript technology.

5--An architecture firm can't decide what kind of accounting system to use with its new local network. Psyex is hired to research accounting software for them, recommends that they establish it behind a firewall, tunes up the network, and installs easily maintainable system.